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Black Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat Hunting & Winter Trapline

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Welcome to Driftwood Valley Outfitters Ltd.

Canadian Moose, Black Bear, Mountain Goat Hunting -
Exclusive territory in Northern British Columbia, Canada

Driftwood Valley Outfitters is located in the spectacular mountains of Northern British Columbia, Canada, and is home to mountain goats, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves and moose. The center of our 940,000 acre area, is a scenic floatplane flight 100 miles north of our home base of Smithers, BC and includes some of the Skeena, Sustut, Bear and Driftwood River drainages. These steelhead and salmon-rich rivers are the reason for our abundance of Bears. Nestled between the Skeena and Omineca Mountains, Driftwood Valley Outfitters also offers some of the best Goat hunting in the World. The Moose hunting in the Driftwood Valley area is some of the best BC has to offer with mature bulls growing to over 50” with some individuals exceeding the 60” mark.

Our 11 different camps are well equipped and offer a comfortable base to hunt out of. We have quads, side by sides, boats, ARGO and 4x4 trucks in the different locations. But most of the area is so remote that we fly in and hunt on foot. There are six (6) different mountain ranges in our area that are home to some of the biggest goats one can hope for. We are also lucky to have countless lakes, three major rivers, huge tracks of wetlands and swamps that are home to big bull moose, and black bears.

Why we are different!

Our guides and other staff are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable of the area. Our guides love what they do. We all feel we don’t work a day when we’re out in our area. It is a pleasure to show clients some of the most spectacular places this planet has to offer.

Dogs play an important and historical role in hunting. Our European tracking dogs are some of the best in North America and they are available to assist if a shot is not quite perfect.


Our pledge to the land and the people whose traditional territory we work within:

  1. We will respect and endeavour to honour through practice, the traditions and cultural ways of Takla Nation.
  2. We will leave every place clean or cleaner than we found it.
  3. We will support the Takla Nation’s programs and events to the best of our abilities, with funding, staff and volunteer time.
  4. We will treat the land, water, and all creatures with respect for today’s and the future generations, acknowledging that our lives too depend upon their health.
  5. We will share the meat harvested by our hunters with the Nation’s meals programs, potlatch, and ceremonies.
  6. We will educate our clients and visitors about our pledge, ask for them to support our efforts and be positive influencers for a better future.

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