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Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Moose and Mountain Goat Hunting

Canadian Moose Hunts in BC, Canada

Moose Hunting Moose Hunting Moose Hunting Moose Hunting Moose Hunting Moose HuntingMoose Hunting

Our moose hunts are ranging from a typical northern BC fly-in hunt for big bulls to a drive-in meat moose hunt with a trophy opportunity. The Driftwood Valley Outfitting area has two (2) functioning landing strips for wheel planes and seven (7) different fly-in lakes with camps out of log or wood cabins. Every camp is fully stocked and equipped to provide a perfect base to hunt out of. The more remote locations have healthy moose populations unaffected by hunting.

The most northern camps on White Lake and Bird Flat Creek offer the best opportunity for big Canadian Moose. Many are over 50 inch with some specimens reaching the magical 60 inch mark.  The average size in our guide area would be between 45 inch to 55 inch for a mature bull.

In the southern part of the Driftwood Valley we offer a great drive-in moose hunt mainly for meat moose hunts but there are big bulls over 50 inch shot every year as well.

Most moose hunt locations offer great opportunities for combination hunts. Add mountain goat, black bear, grizzly or wolf. Our moose hunt prices include the moose and the other animals are available on a harvest fee basis. There is no extra fee for wolves. We don’t target them on any hunt but the chance always exists.

Dates Hunt Price
See below 10 day 1:1 Premium Hunt USD $15,000


Dates: Sep 06 – Sep 16, Sep 16 – Sep 26, Sep 26 – Oct 06, Oct 06 – Oct 16

Included: all ground transportation, accommodations and meals in the area during the hunt. Also included are the moose and any wolves harvested.

Not included: Hunting License $180, species licenses for; moose $250, goat $350, grizzly bear $1,030, black bear $180, wolf each $50, fishing license $89, Hunter Preservation Fund $200, CITES $30, charter flight $1,100, extra packer $1,000 (optional), harvest fee for mountain goat $4,500, black bear $1,600, grizzly bear $15000, Taxes.



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