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Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Moose and Mountain Goat Hunting

Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt

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This hunt is easily combined with a Mountain Goat Hunt.

For this hunt we fly from Smithers to Bear Lake. We stay in a very comfortable lodge located right on the lakeshore. The hunt is conducted on the Bear River which flows from Bear Lake 6 miles in to the Sustut River. From camp we work our way down stream to hunt the top half of the River.

The season opens September 6th and we can stalk grizzly bears until September 26th successfully. This river is packed with Chinook, or as some call them, "king salmon". Grizzlies love fish, but this is one species that they cannot refuse. There are about 15,000 to 20,000 fish in the Bear River splashing and fighting for the best spawning grounds.

We walk the river banks as well and hunt from tree stands optimally placed at bear hot-spots; many are situated to put the hunter within bow range.

This hunt can be combined with mountain goat. There are places we can hike up into the Skeena Mountains to reach some fantastic goat country. A mountain goat hunt from here is a very demanding backpack hunt and requires good condition and the ability to hike with a 30 lb pack of gear. A possibility also is to hire an extra person as a packer for an additional $1,000 CAD.

This Grizzly hunt is one of the best in British Columbia and has an extremely high rate of success.

Dates Hunt Price
Sept 06 - Sept 16 10 day 1:1 $25,000
Sep 16 - Sep 26 10 day 1:1 $25,000


Included: Included is all ground transportation, accommodations and meals in the area during the hunt. Also included are the grizzly bear and any wolves harvested.

Not included: Hunting License $180, species licenses for; goat $350, grizzly bear $1,030, black bear $180, wolf each $50, fishing license $89, Hunter Preservation Fund $200, CITES $30, charter flight $1,100, extra packer $1,000 (optional), harvest fee for mountain goat $4,500, black bear $1,600, Taxes.




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